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The Brockton Shoe Museum
"The only authentic shoe museum in America"


Enhanced by a dramatic video documentary entitled The Rise and Fall of the American Shoe Industry, our footwear exhibits trace the evolution of American shoemaking from the 16th century to the present. From early Indian moccasins, walking shoes and slave shoes, to present day work and athletic shoes the entire story is detailed. One of the most popular displays in the complex is the celebrity footwear exhibit. Included therein are shoes worn by Ted Williams, Arthur Fiedler, Rocky Marciano, and the size 24 shoes worn by Primo Carnera - world champion Italian boxer of the 1930s. Also featured, are shoes once owned by Mamie Eisenhower, former President Ford, and President Clinton - the latter of whom recently provided the museum with a pair of his jogging sneakers. The shoe museum also features a unique collection of military shoes covering the period of the Civil war through the Desert Storm War.

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